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2013 June

Find Your Dream Job in Philadelphia

In a city ripe with budding tech startups, there’s certainly no shortage of exciting jobs in new media and emerging technologies. Whether you’re looking to jump start your career, climb the corporate ladder, or cut ties from an unfulfilling job, working in Philadelphia can get you where you want to be. Enjoy the city’s unique atmosphere. When you work in Philly, there’s no need to eat at a cafeteria or go home on your lunch break. Instead, hoof it to a local café or grab a quick bite at a food truck. You might even have time to run a… Read More

There’s Something About Philadelphia

Call us biased, but we think Philly is a pretty amazing place. Other big cities are cool and all, but Philly has that special something that can only be described as character. Who knows? Maybe it’s the blend of historic influence and modern innovation that gives Philly its electricity. After all, it’s the place where electricity was first discovered, so it’s no surprise the city has that certain spark. What, specifically, do we love about Philadelphia? We’d answer “all the things!” but that wouldn’t be very specific. So let’s break it down: Community Culture Philadelphia… Read More