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2014 September

Code Hard Or Go Our Weekend at PennAppsX

Over 1,000 students from around the globe competed in PennAppsX, one of the largest student hackathons in the country. As event sponsors, we hosted REDlounge: a swag-stocked haven for hackers to refuel and unwind with games, snacks, and plenty of RedBull. Our crew was on hand at UPenn mentoring and recruiting. We met some really talented hackers who blew us away with their innovative projects. Read on to find out what our mentors thought, and check out the photo gallery to see what went down. Chris Cannon, Software Engineer “Mentoring students at PennApps X… Read More

Red Spark is Sponsoring PennApps (Again)!

We can’t get enough of PennApps. We’re back at it again! This fall’s PennApps X marks the 10th time the UPenn hackathon takes place, and we’re excited to be sponsoring again alongside big names like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Uber. This Friday, September 12th through Sunday, September 14th, PennApps X is slated to host 1,000+ of the brightest high school and college developers from around the world. Students are pairing up to work around the clock all weekend long (sleep optional) building apps that they’ll present to a panel of judges to win prizes. Some of… Read More

It’s never all work and no play at Red Spark.

Our crew is rather motley, with diverse backgrounds and varied interests to match. Despite our differences, everyone fits right in. Case of the Wednesdays? Not at Red Spark, thanks to our Meat Wednesday Club. Every Wednesday afternoon, our resident chef/Network Analyst, Kyle, cooks up a hearty meal for the office carnivores (His homemade Baconators would’ve driven the late, great Dave Thomas to reconsider his recipe. No question.). At some offices, conference rooms are strictly business. But around here, they’re used for more than just meetings. If there’s a free room, there’s a good chance we’re hosting spontaneous Magic Card gatherings or breaking out a game of Settlers of Catan. We’re… Read More