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2015 March

How Can Startups Battle the “Tech 15”?

One of the more common perks of working in the tech industry is the free food. This is especially true for successful startups that strive to keep their employees happy and morale high, and Red Spark is no exception. We have two free lunches per week, desserts once a month, stocked cabinets of snacks, a full fridge, and plenty of beer. While these perks are part of what make our culture so great, they can easily add a few notches to our belts. It isn’t hard to support the validity behind the newly dubbed “Tech 15”. Inspired by… Read More

Pulled Pork, Hummus, Burritos, Mac & Cheese…Is It Monday Yet?

There are plenty of perks when you work at Red Spark, and Mondays are up there on the list. That’s right, we love Mondays. Before you write us off as a bunch of lunatics, we’ll let you in on why Mondays have a special edge in our office: Free food. Every Monday afternoon, employees hustle to the kitchen and line up for a buffet-style lunch of delectable catered food from various Philly restaurants. In the past, we’ve had everything from yummy breakfast platters to falafel, buffalo wings, and create-your-own fajitas. Everyone loves Sweet Lucy’s BBQ pulled pork,… Read More

Celebrating Success at Lucky Strike

To celebrate our quarterly successes and help raise excitement for the upcoming months, Red Spark plans short company excursions to various fun Philly hotspots. Our quarterly outings give co-workers the chance to not only reflect on their hard work, but also get to know others around the office, let loose, and have a good time. Competition was fierce at our most recent quarterly outing, held at Philly’s own Lucky Strike bowling alley, as bowlers formed teams and hoped to knock down all ten pins to get that strike (or if they’re really lucky, get a turkey!). Afterwards, awards… Read More

Philly Crafted: Tech Showcase, Innovation, Networking, and Beer

The snowfall wasn’t too much of a deterrent for tech enthusiasts at our most recent Philly Crafted: Tech Showcase. With plenty of pizza and beer to go around, local innovators braved the weather to hear three different presentations, chime in with feedback, and network with like-minded individuals. First up was Amanda Delcore, who used open-source hardware licensing to provide the materials and designs for a robust and customizable headlamp, which is especially important in developing countries without common access to electricity. Red Spark’s very own Steve Dorazio took the stage next to present his Android App, Draft Tracker… Read More