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2015 August

Another Company Perk: Coffee Club

  It all started after a few Red Spark employees ordered Death Wish. Not a literal death wish, of course (Mondays are hard, but they’re not that hard). Rather, one Red Spark employee, Software Engineer Jeff Segall, finally decided to order the ultra-caffeinated coffee that had been on his mind; he wanted see if the flavor was as intense as its name. And thus, Coffee Club was born. The morning Death Wish arrived, Jeff welcomed the whole Red Spark team to try the new brew. Slowly but surely, curious coffee-lovers left their seats and moseyed over to the… Read More

Improving our (Work)out: Introducing SparkWellness

This was the message that Red Spark Business Analyst David Leek wrote the day he inadvertently founded the SparkWellness club. This announcement came as the result of an epiphany that David had experienced a few days prior: “I realized it didn’t matter how much I did outside of work. Something needed to change about how I spent my time at work.” By the end of the first week (and after some warily-observed rounds of push-ups), David was joined by seven other coworkers who also wanted to… Read More