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2015 September

SparkGiving: Breaking Bread at Broad Street Ministry

  On Thursday, September 24th, some members of the Red Spark team donated a few hours of their morning to volunteering at Broad Street Ministry, a not-for-profit corporation that helps Philadelphians experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, abuse, and other forms of social trauma. In alignment with our company’s mission to give back to the community, Broad Street Ministry seemed like the perfect place to spend some time. “I was surprised by how many people were there volunteering,” Software Engineer Scot Lawrie said about his experience. “They do a lot, considering they only… Read More

My 5 Takeaways from Content Camp + PodCamp Philly 2015

I had never been to an “unconference” before. Although, to be fair, I had never been to a regular conference before, either—Content Camp + PodCamp Philly 2015 (#CCPC15) was the first industry event I attended as a real-life working adult (i.e. since graduating from college). So, in anticipation of encountering the new and the unknown, I was excited to see what the day-long event would bring.   As it turns out, the day brought a lot of things, including a keynote speech from Linda Holmes… Read More

How Employees Took Advantage of our New PTO Policy

A while back, we posted a list of reasons to love working at Red Spark. Since then, there have been even more exciting additions. For example, this year we modified our paid time off (PTO) policy to let employees enjoy up to 25 PTO days a year (That’s five work weeks!). Not only does this perk give our team the flexibility to coordinate life outside of the office, but it also provides ample time for vacations and traveling. And, if this summer is any indication, our employees have a strong sense of wanderlust. “My wife and I went to Maui for a friend’s… Read More

5 Things To Know About Networking (In Real Life)

Whether you’re looking for new business, friendship, or your next big gig, networking should be a part of your social routine. Sure, it can be intimidating. Some fear that networking will make them seem like a ruthless self-promoter. Let go of that anxiety. That won’t be the case unless you talk about yourself incessantly (please don’t do that!). At some point in your networking journey, you will find yourself in a room full of complete strangers. Try to remember that they’re in attendance for the same reason you are: to meet new people. Here are five things to know about… Read More