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2015 October

Celebrate World Statistics Day With 12 Fun Red Spark Figures

Happy World Statistics Day! Observed annually on October 20th, World Statistics Day was created by The United Nations Statistical Commission to celebrate the vital role that statistics play in our modern society, informing important policy decisions and helping us to better understand the world around us. Much like our company’s name, we love to start with the numbers, as they often reveal valuable insights about our business and the future of advertising technology. Whether we’re creating a predictive model based on market trend research, or turning our raw data into useful analytics, Red Spark, specifically our Business Intelligence team, never underestimates… Read More

10 Eye-Opening Career Tips From Red Spark’s Quantitative Analyst, Ananth Bevinahally

It’s not easy to address a crowded room of college students, especially if you were in their position less than a year ago. But you’d never know that listening to our quantitative analyst, Ananth Bevinahally, dish out worldly advice to international graduate and undergraduate students at Drexel University. Ananth is an inspiring person. He grew up in Bangalore, India, a city known as the “Silicon Valley of India.” But, despite being an incredible city with huge economic growth, it’s not exempt from the same issues many cities in Southeast Asia face—social inequality, mass displacement of people, economic disparity, and… Read More

How We Used Open Source Technology to Democratize Our Office Playlist

One of the first things you’ll notice when walking into Red Spark’s office at The Cira Center is the great music emanating from the sound system. You may hear hip-hop, punk, pop, 90s R&B, a movie soundtrack or some grungy black metal. Are these tunes from our local radio station, Pandora, or an employee’s personal playlist? No, every single song that plays in the Red Spark office has been purposefully selected by a Red Spark employee through Musicbot, our open source music selection system. Bob D’Errico, CMS Developer and co-engineer of Musicbot, described it best during his Redlabs ‘Meet the… Read More

6 Core Values That Shape Our Culture

We have a multifaceted business, but our recipe for success is simple. There are six core values that inform and inspire what we do as a company, and when you blend equal parts of each of these values together you’re left with the unique flavor of Red Spark culture. Here at Red Spark, we understand that what we put into our company will ultimately determine what comes out of it, and that’s why we only work with high-quality people, perspectives and values. Be Passionate If teamwork makes the dream work, then passion (and coffee) is the fuel and our team has… Read More

10 Life-Changing Quotes From The Forbes #Under30Summit

The Forbes Under 30 Summit rolled into Philadelphia Sunday afternoon for three mind opening days of keynotes, panels, breakouts and pitch contents. Here are some important takeaways from the conference. 1. “You’ll get knocked down over and over and over again, and you get back up.” -Elizabeth Holmes, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Theranos 2. “Learn to shut out the noise and curate personal metrics.” -Eden Full, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SunSaluter 3. “Having imperfectness is your perfect. It’s about the journey not the destination.” – Alex Morgan,Portland Thorns & U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team 4. “You shouldn’t be different… Read More