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2016 November

5 Ways Red Spark Increases Productivity By Practicing Gratitude

It may often be overlooked, but gratitude in the workplace not only ups those feel-good emotions, it plays a big role in productivity too. At Red Spark, expressing our gratitude allows us to come to work each day with a mindset to push harder than the day before, to value our colleagues and every opportunity we’re given, and to keep motivation running strong to build the future of digital advertising. When you walk through our doors, you’ll meet a team of spirited trailblazers and innovators who cultivate an attitude of gratitude on a daily basis. Take a look at how… Read More

12 Undisputedly Awesome Facts About Our General Counsel, Linda Shi

Inside of our Cira Center offices, the Red Spark team works around the clock to maximize revenue for our advertisers and publishers. Our customers love working with us because we have a supportive team that seamlessly guides them through the fine print to #GSD. That’s where Linda Shi comes in. Linda is Red Spark’s General Counsel and Head of Compliance, our legal beacon for navigating the industry—drafting contracts and managing litigation, licensing and regulatory compliance. She’s a stellar teammate who always seems to go above and beyond, which is why her Rising Star Award from Penn Law Women’s Summit… Read More