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Red Spark is Donating $100 to the ACLU For Every Job Candidate We Interview

We take pride in our diversity and believe that it is vital to our continued success, which is why we’re donating $100 to the ACLU Foundation for every Red Spark job candidate we interview.

If you want to advance your career while making a difference, this is your golden opportunity. Apply for any of our exciting opportunities before April 28th, which coincides with the end of Trump’s proposed 90-day ban.

We urge our fellow Philadelphia-based tech companies to join this initiative. #youbelongherephilly


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Red Spark team members come from all over the world, many of whom journeyed thousands of miles to experience the diversity and vast opportunities offered in the US, whether to study at a university or work alongside others with different skill sets. At Red Spark, diversity is a key ingredient in our success. It fosters our creativity and drives innovation to stimulate our ideas. Meet the talented people who brought their diverse backgrounds to help our team grow.

Hyong Kim, Senior Designer

hyong you belong here

Why did you leave South Korea?

I came here to go to college and also wanted to experience diverse cultures and see a bigger world through it.

What do you like about living and working in the United States?

The USA is a very diverse society with many different cultures, which makes an enormous synergy to make trends and lead them in most of the fields. So, I can adapt myself to a fast-changing world in the center of it. I can have all different kinds of authentic foods from all around the world in one city. How awesome is that? Having challah or empanada for breakfast, tacos for lunch, and sushi for dinner? And the portions are huge!

What do you like about being a Senior Designer at Red Spark?

The best thing about working at Red Spark is the great people who are so talented and motivated. So, I can learn something new every day. Another great part of working at Red Spark is the flexibility to balance work and life. Sometimes unexpected things can always come up with having a family, especially with a little kid and dog, but I’m able to manage my time and spend it with my family when I need to.

Linda Shi, General Counsel

Linda Shi, Ad Tech, Red Spark, Careers

Why did you leave China?

My parents moved to the US for grad school and work, and I came to join them after they got established.

What do you like about living and working in the United States?

The vast opportunities available to me. I am thankful every day to be an American citizen, in good times and bad.

What do you like about your role as General Counsel of Red Spark?

I like that my work allows me to blend my passions for technology, business, and the law on a day-to-day basis.

Artem Krylysov, Senior Software Engineer


Why did you leave Russia?

I wasn’t happy about the political situation and the direction the country was moving. Unfortunately, it has gotten even worse since I moved to the US.

What do you like about living and working in the United States?

Each place in the United States is very different and unique. You can lay on the beach in the morning and then, just a couple of hours later, enjoy snowboarding. Same with people – everyone has different opinions and unique ideas.

What do you like about your role as a Senior Software Engineer at Red Spark?

Everyone on the Red Spark team is very good at what they do – nothing is better than being surrounded by smart people.

Nitin Kumar, VP of Product


Why did you leave India?

My wife got a fantastic opportunity to work for her employer’s US office and I did not want her to miss out on that. I came along as excess baggage.

What do you like about living and working in the United States?

The unparalleled opportunities and experiences I have access to. I have been fortunate to meet some of the smartest and nicest people here, each of whom have helped me grow both professionally and personally.

What do you like about your role as VP of Product at Red Spark?

I get to learn something new every day. We are always encouraged to question, challenge and break things in order to make way for the new.

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