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How SparkWellness Strengthens Our Team of Innovators

At Red Spark, our passion isn’t limited to the work we do at our desks. Part of being an agile group of problem solvers and innovators is about building the strength to walk away from our work and come back refreshed.

In fact, research shows that taking a few moments throughout the workday is not only crucial to our physical health, it’s also largely beneficial to #GSD and boost productivity.

But taking a break is a lot easier said than done during a busy workday, which is exactly why David Leek, Red Spark’s lead marketing analyst, founded the SparkWellness group.

“Our health, our wellbeing is what is most important, not these barriers that keep us from bettering ourselves,” he says.

Every day, members of the group step away from their desks, pick up a resistance band, a yoga ball, a foam roller or a timer and head to the far corner of the office for a quick workout–like this “plank challenge”on Tuesday afternoon:


Friendly reminders to take a break come from the SparkWellness Slack channel. Our fearless leader FitBot, created by software engineer manager and fitness enthusiast Marcus McCurdy, sends out reminders to the channel throughout the day to get up and move–even if it’s just for a few minutes.

With the help of FitBot, and a supportive network of healthy co-workers, sticking to our New Year’s resolutions is no sweat at Red Spark.

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