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How We Achieve The Elusive Work-Life Balance In And Out Of The Office

There’s a reason why our diverse team of ad tech wizards, innovators, and colorful creatives love working at Red Spark. Not only do we have endless opportunities to build and better the future of digital, but we’ve also found the key to achieving a work-life balance. How? We’ve mastered the ability to relax and disconnect inside and outside the office. Because as spirited and energetic as we are about turning raw data into actionable insights and creating useful products for publishers and advertisers, we relish relaxation!

We may not have the “right to disconnect,” a new law passed in France that allows employees in large companies to ignore emails after normal work hours, but we do have thrilling benefits. Here’s how we keep our talented super squad at the top of their game and always ready to take on the day.

We Take Vacations

Red Spark employees get 25 paid days off

Sometimes a little time off from your daily grind is all you need to recharge, so to make sure our team can fulfill that sense of wanderlust or spend some time alone or with family, each employee is offered 25 (PTO) days of paid time off. That’s five whole work weeks to treat ourselves as we wish! Bangkok, Iceland, Maui, you name it, and someone from the Red Spark family has probably been there.

“I can take the whole family to Disney in January, take my husband to the islands in March for his birthday, go hiking in Colorado in June, camp in August, and still have vacation time left over to enjoy a surprise birthday trip from my hubby in November!” says IT administrator Nikki White.

Having the time to let our hair down allows us to come back to work feeling refreshed and recharged.

We Fuel Ourselves With Food And Conversation


It may seem crazy, but we love Mondays. That’s because every Monday afternoon, we indulge in a buffet-style lunch catered by our favorite Philly eateries – for free! Our hungry team has had everything from create-your-own tacos and savory barbecue to all types of salads and French toast for brunch. Seconds after the announcement is made, we mirror the hustle we use while working to break for fuel and conversation with our colleagues. Plus, our kitchen is always stocked with coffee, fresh fruit, cold beverages, healthy snacks, and little treats to cure our sweet cravings.

“Our office kitchen is a great place to get together with coworkers to discuss work projects or weekend plans,” says Lauren Wiener, a senior client success manager. “Our Monday catered lunches are a delicious bonus!”

We Tune Out By Tuning In To Music

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If you’re not listening to music, you’re doing it wrong – at least that’s what we think. When you step inside our office, you’ll hear everything from 90s hits and movie soundtracks to hip-hop and folk rock radiating from the sound system. And it’s not from the radio – each song is selected from our team members through our open-source Slack channel called Musicbot.

“Musicbot gives me the opportunity to express my musical interests, and when I hear the songs I love, it inspires me to hone in on my daily tasks and #gsd!” says Kellee Liverani, our office coordinator.

And as if that’s not enough, each employee is offered a free monthly subscription to the hottest music streaming services.

We Celebrate Our Quarterly Successes

Celebrate work success at red spark, advertising technology

After summoning our fierce work ethic to meet our quarterly goals, we come together as a company outside of the office on a planned excursion in the city to commemorate the sharp skills that make us ad tech leaders. There’s no better way to experience the city and let loose than by knocking down pins at South Bowl or watching the Phillies run around the bases!

“Quarterly outings give me the opportunity to learn more about the coworkers that I don’t get to work with on a daily basis and explore new places in the city,” says senior software engineer Jeff Segall.

We Play Games

Red Spark Ad Tech Careers

Eight ball, corner pocket! That’s right; the Red Spark office has a pool table (ping pong too). Friendly competition between coworkers is nothing out of the ordinary here.

“It’s great to work in a place where you can shift from working on some exciting new challenge to beating your boss in pool while drinking a beer without ever leaving the office,” says Steve Dorazio, a software engineer manager.

Our coworkers love grabbing a cold one from the fridge and mastering the tables at the end of the day. It’s not too often you find employees who don’t want to leave the office.

Sounds like the environment you’ve been dreaming of? Head over to our careers page and check out our current openings!

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