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Why did you decide to create a new identity called Red Spark? What are the advantages of this change of company name?

We’ve grown as a company since 2007, building a powerful suite of advertising tools that help brands reach consumers around the world. As we’ve evolved and added product lines to the business, we decided to create a visible umbrella brand that encompasses all of our lines of business.

In other words, Red Spark is a vehicle for our organization to build, buy, and grow. We established Red Spark to better communicate on behalf of the company as a whole, strengthening our ability to gain greater recognition for our innovative technology and talent.


What is Red Spark’s mission?

Red Spark’s goal is to ignite digital innovation across various forms of online media, leveraging our expertise at solving complex problems and maximizing revenue with intelligent technology.


Does the new umbrella company change anything for your existing customers, partners, vendors, and business relationships?

Nothing has changed! The existing relationships with any of our products or business lines will not be impacted. We still have the same bank account, tax ID, and fantastic team – just under the Red Spark name. Other than directing future payments or invoices to Red Spark, LP, nothing will change in our day-to-day interactions with our partners.


What are the advantages to creating the new Red Spark umbrella brand?

For our customers and partners:

A better understanding of our diverse brands, and additional transparency when it comes to the broad range of products and services offered by the company.

For our employees:

A more consistent identity and culture under one company name, allowing our organization to evolve with time.


What are some of Red Spark’s core values?

Red Spark’s culture is centered around six core values.

Be Passionate, Be Curious, Be Agile, Be Innovative, Be Supportive, and Get Stuff Done.

You can read more about what those values mean to us here.

Is Red Spark hiring? How can I find out if I’m a good fit?

We’re always looking for talented people to join our team! Let’s build the future of digital.

Visit our careers page for current opportunities and more information.