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Red Spark is a Best Tech Work Culture Timmy Award nominee

Here at Red Spark, our work culture is everything to us. Not only do we have amazing perks such as catered lunches, a fully stocked fridge, and free music streaming, but we also treat everyone in our office like family. We work hard, play hard, and support each other along the way. Today, we are excited to announce we have been nominated for a Timmy Award for Best Tech Work Culture.

The Timmy Awards is a ceremony held by Tech in Motion annually in various cities across the US and Canada. The Timmy Awards celebrate regional tech communities and recognize the companies and individuals who are leading the pack in creating the best spaces for tech professionals to thrive.

The Best Tech Work Culture Award recognizes a technology work culture that actively promotes technical creativity, innovation, and learning. This award also recognizes companies who acknowledge that great ideas can come from anywhere. When it comes to Red Spark, they hit the nail on the head. In our office, we have a strict open door policy. No matter what your role may be in the company, your opinion is always welcomed and heard. From our dedicated administrative staff to our innovative team of software developers, every person’s voice matters.

In an ever-changing industry, senior software engineer Jeff Segall notes that “we as engineers get a lot of freedom and encouragement to experiment with new technologies and design new approaches to our technical challenges to increase efficiency, maintainability, or interoperability with our partners as much as we can.”

“We always ask interview candidates if they have any questions about the company or the work we do.  My favorite question ever asked was, ‘If you want to spin up a new server to try something, how many people have to approve?’.  I thought for a bit and was able to confidently respond, zero.  If you want to try something and see if it improves how we do things, you just do it”, said Segall.

At Red Spark, our powerful core values – agility, GSD, support, passion, curiosity, and innovation– encourage us to improve ourselves, our company and the experiences of our customers every day. Whether we’re working with our advertisers, planning a company outing, or even watching the Solar Eclipse as a family (check out our Instagram for pics!), we support each other and we #GSD.

This year’s Philadelphia Timmy Awards Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, September 27th at 6 pm at the Chemical Heritage Foundation at 315 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA. For more information on this year’s ceremony, click here.

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