Results Driven Notifications

A new strategic digital power now being made available to give your campaign a significant competitive advantage.

Victory Push is the only opt-in, permission-based Push Notification political platform designed to reach tens of millions of voters directly on their phone and computer.

Victory Push utilizes proven Red Spark technology and intelligence that reliably drives hundreds of millions of dollars in e-commerce sales every month.

Drive every sequential phase of your campaign

  • Rapidly and consistently drive donations from the enormous new small to midsize donor base.
  • Reinforce campaign agenda topics.
  • Constituent community connection and outreach via email collection.

We manage every aspect to drive success…

We are here for you

A dedicated team that drives optimal results

Built for Flexibility

Initial pilot allows us to quickly determine the most effective strategy for your campaign

Rapid Scalability

Ramp up spend based on high volumes of hard data and extensive analytics

See how it works

Cross-platform compatibility

Our push works flawlessly across major browsers and devices.